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Computer science prototyping

The scool features an entirely dedicated computer science course, that makes us a relevant choice to develop your website, IoT, embedded software and netword.

Why choosing us ?
  • The school has a computer science course including IoT, data science and AI.
  • We have a Fablab.
  • We collaborate with the research institute Icube.
  • Many projects has already been done by the students.
  • We provide you an aftercare and keep you in touch with your project.
  • Warranty extension.
Our achievements
  • We made a educational platform for electronical circuit debugging.
  • We made an API to recognize and identify the turtles for Zones Ateliers.
  • We made a smartphone app to analyze the bacteriological development of liquid samples from a culture device.
  • We developped a software interface for a robotic system.